Cannabis Production and Retail: Existing Building Renovation


Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing and Dispensary Facility (Existing Building Renovation)

Hesnor Engineering Associates was contracted to provide MEP consulting services for a phased renovation of an existing multi-story industrial facility. The building’s program included clone rooms, vegetative growth rooms, bloom/flower rooms, drying/cure rooms, an extraction laboratory, kitchen, medical and recreational dispensary, and miscellaneous office and production spaces.

The MEP design utilized energy-efficient air handling units, which can achieve the low sensible heat ratios required in these types of spaces, to maintain the target vapor pressure deficits (VPD) desired by the client. Additional dehumidifiers were not necessary. HEA also integrated CO2 control (injection & purge), developed pressure cascading and odor mitigation measures, tailored fertigation systems with automated control. All equipment was integrated into a building management system for optimal control and end-user ease of use.

The power system, which included provisions for emergency power with automatic switchover, featured a dual-ended switchboard (main tie-in arrangement) where HEA coordinated with the utility for two dedicated electrical services.

The project was designed and constructed on a fast-track basis. Construction was phased to allow the client to meet an aggressive start-up schedule to address market demands.