Solving the Biggest HVAC Challenges of Modern Grow Rooms


Because grow rooms are different from the construction of traditional HVAC systems in buildings like data centers and hospitals, they require unique solutions to ensure that the conditions are optimal for maximizing the yield and ...

Designing a cost-effective climate control system


Marijuana Venture dives into solutions for creating a climate control system for grow rooms that won’t obliterate your operating budgets. According to Marijuana Venture, “There are three key HVAC design considerations necessary to achieve tight ...

Lights on cannabis

Are LED Lights Right for Cannabis Production


The Cannabis Industry Journal wrote an interesting article regarding whether or not you should be using LED lighting for your cannabis grow facility. Their pro list included the fact that LED lights, when compared with ...

energy conservation

Energy Efficiency Best Practices


The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project produced a great summary detailing the enormous amount of energy that it takes to run a high-production marijuana grow facility. Compared with breweries, which average 6-12% of their operating budgets ...