Through extensive industry experience, Hesnor has gained hands-on knowledge of the specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems necessary for successful cultivation and processing facilities.

Controlled environment agriculture requires a fundamentally different M/E/P approach compared to a traditional facility. Plant health depends on a stable environment that facilitates optimal nutrient uptake through controlled transpiration rates. Effectively managing both sensible and latent loads to maintain an optimal vapor pressure deficit is essential.

Processing and extraction facilities often require atypical environments and may involve potentially hazardous atmospheres. It is critical that you choose an engineer experienced in these spaces to ensure the quality of your end product and the safety of your personnel. 

Hesnor is experienced with the systems and equipment necessary to provide these environments. Some specific items including in our designs are as follows:

  • Odor Control: Often before a license is approved, an operator must go through a local approval process. Hesnor is often called upon as an odor-control expert to provide system design guidance for license applications or expert testimony in hearings.
  • Utility Planning: Hesnor relies on real-world operational data from past projects to develop an accurate estimate of required utility sizes for your project.
  • Tailored HVAC Systems: Cultivation and drying rooms have very high latent (moisture) loads that standard “comfort cooling” type equipment cannot adequately handle. The systems in these rooms must be able to provide this increased latent capacity effectively to control the relative humidity in the space.
  • Pressure Cascading: Control of space differential pressures, and in-turn control of air movement between rooms, is critical to control odor as well as contaminants.
  • Control Systems: Hesnor provides sequences of operations, controls, and integrated BMS systems to achieve precise control of environmental conditions and growing operations.
  • CO2 Monitoring and Control: CO2 enrichment is commonly used in cultivation spaces. Proper control, monitoring, alarm, and purging systems are necessary for plant health and personnel safety.
  • Hazardous Environment Equipment and Controls: Certain processing and extraction spaces require HVAC and electrical systems designed specifically for electrically classified spaces (explosion mitigation, gas detection, continuous hazardous exhaust systems, etc.).
  • Resiliency: Hesnor is often asked to incorporate redundancies and/or emergency power systems to provide continuous operation of the facility.
  • Tailored Construction Approach: Due to initial budgeting or market consideration, Hesnor routinely provides phased or modular construction plans that allow owners to bring their facilities on-line under fast-tracked schedules or tight budgets.
  • Compliance Documentation: HEA can also assist with preparing special documentation required by some municipalities. These often relate to odor control, domestic water usage,  and other building systems and utilities.

In addition to these items, please see the general list of our available services below.

Mechanical Engineering

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Exhaust Systems
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Domestic Cold & Hot Water
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