Engineering and HVAC Services

In order to maximize your yield and build a productive grow facility, it is imperative to construct an environment using tailored solutions. Hesnor Engineering Associates works with owners to build new facilities and/or renovate/retrofit existing buildings to optimize their cannabis production operations.

Mechanical Engineering

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Central Plants
Exhaust Systems
Laboratory Systems
Pumping & Piping Systems
Air Filtration
Energy & Heat Recovery
CO2 Controls
Pressure Cascading
Odor Mitigation
Steam & Condensate Systems
Building Management Systems
Energy Modeling & Management
Equipment Specification & Procurement

Building Utilities

Electric Service
Building Sewer
Building Stormwater
Natural Gas Service
Central Steam Plants

Electrical Engineering

Low- and Medium-Voltage Power Distribution
Normal, Standby and Emergency Power
Power Transformation
Motor Control Centers
Power Supply Conditioning
Interior and Exterior Lighting
Fire Alarm/CO/Smoke Detection
Communications & Data Systems
Security Systems
Arc Flash Studies
Fault Current Studies

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Water Service
Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems
Pre-Action Systems
Foam Systems
Clean Agent Suppression Systems
Fire Pumps
Standpipe Systems

Plumbing Engineering

Domestic Cold & Hot Water
Pumping Systems
Domestic Water Heating
Irrigation/Fertigation Systems
Drainage, Waste & Venting
Natural Gas Distribution
Compressed Air Piping
Laboratory Gas Piping
Tank Farms
Sump Pumps
Rainwater Harvesting

General Services

Studies and Investigations
Conceptual Design through Construction Documents
Building Information Modeling
Code Compliance
Project Management
Bid Phase Services
Construction Administration